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macOS 10.15 Catalina ready
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Playback Agenda

Playback Agenda puts you in control of your digital signage; content manager and media player.

Get File Info

Explore, Analyze, Edit, and Save any kind of file with any kind of extension; a versatile hex editor.

AppIcon Wizard

Automated image resizing process that generates multiple images of the exact pixels or aspect ratios you specify.

PS Tracker

PS Tracker helps you become aware of your profile size and thus your hard drive usage.

HD Usage

Explore content of your drives while visually gauging space used by files and folder residing in your disk.

Color Seeds

Great color picker that enables you to focus on your next creative project.

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Work Logs

Organize your projects efficiently and stay focus on many projects at once.

US Citizenship Prep

Study guide to help you practice, gain confidence, and pass the USA Naturalization test. latest USCIS information as of 2020


Get direction, phone, email, or website information of catholic churches.